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Physical therapy clinic in Jeddah 


If you suffer from a back or neck pain, you had a sudden sport injury, you are looking for someone to take care of and support you after your surgery , you want to strengthen yourself, or you want to relax and recover from physical and psychological pains and pressures with our chiropractic sessions, you are in the right place.

At Body Experts Clinic we help you  to recover and prevent these pains practically and optimistically with sustainable results

Your recovery journey will start with one of our well-experienced therapists who will be with you throuward it 

Our Team

Zaid Maghrabi

Faisal Al Salem

Nourah Al Resaini 

Raghad Sakhakhni 

Our Services 

Here are our accurately made services that target the root causes of your issues and pains to help you recover

Chronic Back Pain

Treating various back pains such as treating sciatica, herniated disc, and other back pains

Sport Injuries

Rehabilitation and treatment of sports injuries such as cruciate ligament, tendonitis, knee and foot pain, 

Recovery & Prevention

recovery and preventive sessions such as chiropractic sessions, upper back flexibility sessions, and others

Post-surgery Rehabilitation

Post-surgery rehabilitation sessions such as herniated discs, knee replacement, cruciate ligament and others

The Perfect Body 

Perfect Body sessions help you to get a more beautiful body, with better physical and psychological health

Our Method 

How our therapists will carefully design a personalized physical therapy plan for your specific needs to provide you with the most efficient and sustainable results


​We Connect with you to understand your needs


​We Investigate the root causes of your condition


​We design a personalized plan of care for your needs


We evaluate your progress and Improve your plan

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3109 Prince Mohammed Street 

Jeddah, 23326

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physical Therapy in Jeddah 

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