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Your destination for prevention and recovery

At the Body Experts Clinic, we help you find solutions to reach the root of the pain and treat it completely

A program that cares about your health during Ramadan (1)_edited_


After we researched and collected data, we built these services that meet your need to recover from  Your pain and have a healthy life

Recovering and prevention

We offer you recovery sessions that relieve fatigue and physical and psychological stress, and preventive sessions to protect your body  From possible future injuries and pain

Treatment of chronic back pain

We help you recover radically from chronic back pain by providing effective physical therapy programs that address the root of the pain and increase the flexibility of your body.

Treatment of sports injuries

We offer you effective treatment sessions for sports injuries designed after a careful examination of your condition to ensure your recovery and resumption of sports safely and efficiently.


Personal training sessions

We offer you personal training sessions to obtain a more beautiful body and better physical and psychological health under the supervision of a specialized person

Rehabilitation before and after operations

We offer you rehabilitation programs before and after operations that will help you return to performing your daily tasks with a healthy, qualified and recovered body 

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Pre/ postpartum rehabilitation 

pelvic floor rehabilitation
treating siatica and back pain
during pregnancy


Our team

We have chosen for you the most skilled and distinguished minds in the fields of physical therapy to help you get rid of the root of your pain

Faisal Al-Salem 

Specializes in treating problems of the musculoskeletal system

Maryam Ben Siddiq 

Specializing in sports injuries and orthopedic injuries

Dr. Majid Al-Badi

Physical therapy consultant for bone and muscle diseases and sports injuries

Noura Al-Rasini's 

Specializing in sports injuries and spine problems

(for women only)

PT.Hussain Bayazed 

Specializing in sports injuries and orthopedic injuries

Zaid Maghribi

Certified Osteopathic Practitioner from the Ontario Institute

Raghad Sakhakhni

Specializing in orthopedic injuries, muscle pain, and rehabilitation during and after pregnancy (women’s health)


Recovery Stories 


Stories in which we are proud to achieve successes are told by our auditors

Osama Saad

Suffering from shoulder pain 

He was suffering from constant pain due to his condition not being diagnosed properly, and this affected his life and he was forced to  Because of that, he left his job.

  • Why should I work as a consultation?
    Consultation is important to confirm whether the treatment sessions are suitable for your condition and help you clarify your treatment options and determine the number of sessions needed unsl
  • What cases do you receive at the clinic?
    We are a clinic specializing in treating bone and muscle conditions Such as spinal problems (neck, middle back, lower back, scoliosis, and hunched back) Knee problems (stiffness, cruciate ligament, cartilage, etc.) Ankle problems (sprains or fractures) Shoulder problems, tendonitis, etc. We also provide prevention and hospitalization services (whether internal hospitalization with us or external hospitalization with our partner) for bone and muscle problems
  • Do you have a special section for women?
    Yes, we have two separate sections for men and women to respect privacy and are fully equipped with the latest devices and physical therapy techniques
  • Do you accept post-operative cases?
    Yes, we receive cases after operations and we follow the latest approved treatment protocols
  • If I take a session, will the pain go away the first time?
    After conducting an investigation and knowing the details of your condition, it will be determined whether the pain is treatable from the first session or whether it requires several sessions
  • What are the therapeutic tools used in the treatment session?
    After the scouting, the appropriate tools and types of treatment are determined, such as: (manual therapy, dry needling, air casings, chiropractic, Graston, lymphatic compression device, electrical oscillation device, sound wave device)
  • Do you accept insurance?
    We do not have insurance But you can request a detailed invoice in addition to a medical report from the specialist To be uploaded by you and claim the full amount according to your insurance category
  • Should x-rays be done?
    It can be brought if it exists, but it is not necessary to do it before the examination. If there are any serious signs during the examination or the specialist needs to confirm an internal matter, an x-ray or some tests will be requested.
  • Is cracking useful for pregnant women?
    It depends on the stability of the pregnancy (in general, it is safe), but it is better to do manual therapy
  • What devices do you use?
    Electrical therapeutic devices - Ultra Sound Rehabilitation and strengthening devices
  • Is therapeutic percussion useful for those who have osteoporosis?
    No, therapeutic percussion sessions are not useful for those who suffer from osteoporosis

Clinic up close

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Clinic website

We are delighted to have you visit us from Sunday to Thursday from 10:30 AM to 9:00 PM and on Saturday from 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

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