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Physical therapy consultant for bone and muscle diseases and sports injuries

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Years of Experience

Dr. Majid Al-Badi

مـن أنا؟

  1. Assistant Professor of Medical Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy at King Abdulaziz University

  2.  He holds a master’s degree in musculoskeletal rehabilitation and chiropractic from the University of Pittsburgh in America

  3. He holds a doctorate in sports injury rehabilitation, movement analysis and performance measurement from the University of Florida in America

  4. specialized in:
    Diagnosis and correction of spinal problems (chiropractic)
    Cases of neck and lower back pain (such as aortic disc, herniated disc) 
    Rehabilitation of osteoarthritis patients 
    Rehabilitation of sports injuries 
    Pre- and post-operative rehabilitation
    Foot pain (eg flat feet, plantar fasciitis)

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