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Payment and Booking Policies 

Delay, No-show, Rescheduling, Refund Policies  


Our goal is to help you recover and prevent with positive and practical steps, and the first steps to reach this goal is to follow the instructions sent to you and Commit to the time of your session, which ensures that you get your full time, which leads to better results, and helps us to achieve this end for other clients.

The following policies have been developed to encourage you to Commit to the treatment sessions and to contribute to preserving the rights and efforts from you and due to the clinic.


Your recovery depends on you attending all appointments on time and following the instructions sent to you. With the exception of emergency and force majeure circumstances, if you need to reschedule, it is in your best interest to reschedule the missed appointment to a date as close to the rescheduled visit as possible, because your treatment plan was developed according to your temporary circumstances and medical condition and we do not want your recovery or progress to be delayed.

Delay policy

• You can complete the remaining time specified for your session, if you are15 minutes or less late for your appointment and call the reception department or customer service at (0563052151) to inform them of your delay.

• If you aremore than 15 minutes lateFor your appointment and do not contact the reception or customer service department, we reserve the right to consider the status of your appointment as a'No Show'. Which means that the session is canceled and considered as a paid session.

No-show policy

If you schedule an appointment anddo not show up for your appointment, or if you arrivemore than 15 minutes later than the scheduled time and do not contact the reception or customer service department at (0563052151), we reserve the right to count it as a paid session from the group of sessions registered for you in the treatment program.

  • f you are not registered for sessions, a double no-show will put you on a waiting list and will not be registered until you pay the session fee.

Rescheduling Policy

We value emergency and necessary circumstances so you can cancel and reschedule a session, if you notify us bymore than 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.


If you attempt to reschedule an appointment within 24 hours or lessof your appointment, it is considered alate reschedulingand we reserve the right to count it as a paid session unless:

• Rescheduling at a later appointment that is available on the same day.

•  your appointment was booked by another client.

Refund policy

• You have the right to cancel the service and get a refund if you do not start receiving it within 30 days from the date of payment and issuance of the invoice.

• You have the right to request a partial refund of the service amount (if the treatment sessions were not obtained) and it was not included in an offer or discount, within 30 days from the date of payment and issuance of the invoice, and the The amount of due sessions that have been taken will be deducted from the total treatment sessions and A 10% cancellation fee will be deducted and the amount transferred from the remaining amount (the unused).

• If the sessions have offers and discounts, they are calculated at their original price before the offer and the amount of due sessions taken from the total treatment and sessionsA 10% cancellation fee and transfer of the amount will be deducted from the remaining amount (the unused).

• The amount is refunded in cash and if you want to receive it by bank transfer, you can get it back within14 working days.

Check-in policy


  • You have to bring a personal ID (National ID, Iqama, Driver License, or Passport)

  • Wearing appropriate clothing for the consultation, which does not contravene public taste and is not revealing (above the knee) or descriptive.

  • Attendance 5-10 minutes before the session, and if you are 10 minutes late for the session, the appointmentwill be considered cancelled.

  • For appointment before 5pm you'll be park your car wither in (front building parking, park at the parallelstreet to the staff parking) and for appointment after 5pm you can park at rear staff parking. 

Paid session consumption policy

We are keen to provide the best treatment services and our goal is to help you and other clients, and in order to preserve the rights of all, the following:

  • Paid sessions from2 - 6 sessionsconsume a maximum of30 daysof purchase

  • 7 - 12 sessions to be consumed as a maximum within 60 daysof purchase 

  • From 13 sessionsor more, added 30 daysto consume from the date of purchase for every6 sessions


By booking or paying for any of our services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to all of the above policies, and we have the right to change any of our policies and notify our customers of the most important added changes within an appropriate period of our determination.

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