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Updated: Dec 5, 2022

November is National Men's Health Awareness Month and with it comes various efforts to create a defense for men's health. This month specifically raises awareness and support of those facing prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health issues.


Here are some things to consider when recognizing Men’s Health Awareness Month. Whether it is your husband, dad, brother, son, or friend ( you can help support their health and well being!)

  • Men are at greater risk than for death in every age group

  • Men are at higher risk for most chronic conditions such as stroke, high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, etc. (4 out of 10 men are obese)witch increase the risk of these diseases.

  • Statistically, men are more likely to engage in “high risk behaviors,” such as smoking. 1 out of 5 men is a smoker.

  • Also, Men do not see physicians for a physical exam as often as women. They also are more likely to be uninsured compared to women “Only 40% of men get a check up”.

  • Unfortunately 1 in 2 men will develop cancer even though it's 99% treatable if detected early.

Must check

The following are the most important things that a man should check periodically and consult his doctor about:

  • Colon cancer starting at the age of 50 years.

  • Prostate cancer starting at age 45 for men at high risk, and age 50 for men at least risk.

  • Testicular cancer self-examination from 15 years of age until after the age of 50.

  • blood pressure.

  • blood sugar levels

  • Cholesterol levels starting at 35 years old.

  • It is very important that no man hesitate to consult a specialist or a psychiatrist when feeling any depression, such as

  • a change in appetite

  • loss of passion for things, in addition to difficulty concentrating and carrying out daily tasks.

“These are just recommendations so please make sure to check with your physician on what they would recommend based on your personal health factors.”

What you can do to help

Here are some things to keep in mind when taking control of your health or your loved one’s health:

  • Eat healthy and include a variety of fruits and vegetables into your diet. Limit foods high in calories, sugar, salt, fa.

  • Take part in regular physical activity. It can control your weight, decrease your risk of chronic conditions, and is a mood booster. Adults need roughly about 2.5 hours of activity a week (think about strength training or aerobic activity like running, walking, swimming).

  • Quit smoking. quitting smoking has immediate and long term benefits as it can decrease your risk of certain types of cancer and chronic conditions. There are many smoking cessations programs and resources available if you need assistance.

  • Recognize and reduce stress and help others recognize it too. Finding support through local social or groups therapy and counseling services, meditation, eating healthy, and exercising regularly can help with addressing this.

  • If you are feeling helplessness, persistent sadness, high stress, feelings of constant anxiety, panic attacks, tiredness and decreased energy, and thoughts of suicide please seek help. There are many resources to address these changes, and men should not feel ashamed in seeking mental health help.

  • Get regular checkups to identify any health issues early or before they become a problem.

What physical therapy can do to help

We can help you recognize how to treat and take care of your body according to your needs.

  • Choose the right sport for you

  • Correct your bad habit

  • Correct your posture

  • Help you how to do your work and activity in a safe way.

  • Help you with reducing stress

  • We can help you improve Pelvic Health and its consequences.


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