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We have been gathering data about injuries, pains and challenges that you are facing and we built these specific services that will fulfill your needs to recover from the root causes of your pain and to have the healthies and safest life that you deserve 

Chronic Back Pain


We help you in recovery from the root causes of chronic back pain with our effective treatment programs that heal you and work on your whole body health

Sport Injuries

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We provide you the effective treatment which is designed after an accurate diagnosis of your case to ensure your recovery and to resume your sport activity safely and efficiently

Recovery & Prevent


We provide you with recovery sessions that relieve your feelings of physical and psychological exhaustion and stress to enhance your abilities to perform daily tasks. Additionally, we provide prevention sessions that prevent your body from potential injuries and pains  

Post-surgery Rehabilitation


We provide programs that help you effectively to return to your daily tasks with a healthy, qualified and recovered body

The Perfect Body 

We provide the perfect body sessions to help you obtain a more beautiful body, better physical and psychological health. It makes your sleep deeper and your fitness better, reduces your stress and delays the symptoms of aging, all with a body thatradiates beauty.


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3109 Prince Mohammed Street 

Jeddah, 23326

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